Mission and values

Mission and values


«In full age of the information it is necessary to treat our sources and to accede to contents that keep us every time better informed in a more attractive way.» Those are the purposes of Inspira Biotech.



In Inspira Biotech we want to become the media leaders of the biotechnological sector in Spain and the whole Latin America, connecting these regions with the actuality from companies and  research centers from the rest of the world.


With that porpouse we publish our contents in English and Spanish, and we tend to give them an approach of 360 º where we inform inside every new about the products and services, new lines and advances in investigation and R&D, last managerial and scientific movements, and the changes to the level of the bioeconomics, technological, social, political and cultural which stem from the core of every great area in which the biotechnological activity is divided.


And we present that all on a fresh, dynamic and attractive way, bringing the current importance with veracious form across testimonies emphasized by the own protagonists of the news, wrapping the content with an audio-visual full experience across images and video, and inviting you to the reflection, trying to open a space in which to reconnect with the own criterion and to link with new ways for the development of a well based creativity.




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