Companies and organizations

Companies and organizations


«Life is a symbiotic and cooperative union that allows to triumph those who are associated.» Lynn Margulis, evolutive biologist and developer of the endosymbiotic theory.


Companies and organizations

If you are an organization of the biotechnological sector or belong to one and want to contact us in order that we publish today’s news, elaborate articles, coordinate interviews and / or documentaries, or you want to find out our services of advertising, we have different mail addresses in dependence of the biotechnological sector in which you develop your activities:







*Find here information of our areas of interest in the sectors of the Biomedical, Food-processing, Industrial, Bioinformatics and Environmental Biotechnology. 

After receiving the information, we will contact ourselves with you and will proceed to the publication of the content with the proper stamp of Inspira Biotech.


Put in touch with us and let’s publish together ¡¡ the Inspira´s community is waiting for you!!




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