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Have you heard about «in vitro cultured meat»? Discover how they can relieve the conventional ranching from its position.

Nowadays, meat’s demand is so great that in its consequence there have been strong ecological damages, such as deforestation or the increase of methane levels. We also can’t overlook animal abuse in the meat industries. All of this increase the motivation to find a strategy that cooperates to combat all these damages, but its name […]

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Biostimulants: all you need to know to become an expert.

Even if your closest experience with agriculture is your local grocery, is very likely that you have bumped with such fancy terms as «biostimulant» or «biofertilizer» along your daily roams around the web. It’s not surprise that this concepts are being the talk of the town: consumer’s tangible concern about the origin and quality of the […]

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Golden opportunity in Spain for its bioeconomic improvement has name: «Biorefineries».

We all agree that should be incorporated new measures that allows us to fight against the climate change, to finance R&D projects related with it and to improve the relationship between Spain and other countries from the European Union (EU), which enhance the capabilities and the available resources. This would allow a politic and economic […]

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Store the books, music and movies of a lifetime in a single DNA molecule: Helixworks shows us its DNA USB.

90% of the information available today was generated in the last 2 years, and it is increasing at such accelerated speeds that it leads us to ask ourselves… Where and how will we store all this data?   In 2012, Harvard geneticist George Church introduced for the first time the use of DNA as a […]

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Biopesticides: the parasite of our parasite is our friend. Glen Biotech shows us why.

Plagues represent an increasing concern for the farming industry, more exposed to invasive species each day. One example is Xylella fasidiosa, originally from northern California, or the red palm weevil (Rhynchoporus ferrugineus), originally from tropical Asia. These plagues constitute a serious environmental hazard, and efforts are put to find sustainable solutions such as biopesticides: biological […]

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The mechanisms of the Alzheimer´s development: visible in the light of the ALBA Synchrotron .

Researchers at the ALBA Synchrotron and from the Autonnomous University of Barcerlona (UAB) using synchotron light have analyzed how are, where are located and which effects have different Alzheimer´s aggregates within in vitro neurons.      Their discoveries show by the first time the in situ co-localization of the amorphous amyloid peptide aggregates near to the sites with the most oxidative […]

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