The potential of Biotechnology…

The potential of Biotechnology…





Our present, and the echoes of a near future, they challenge us to confronting an endless number of changes that are generating phenomena as…


… the progressive increase of the world population and the growth of the number of the aging diseases, due to the emergence of societies with elderly populations every time major…


… The development of the emergent countries adding to the habits of consumption and production raged of the rest of developed countries, giving as consequence an untenable increase of the exploitation of the resources and an uncontrolled spread of the pollution sources.



In this one moment of technological advances, we need to apply all the means to do more efficient and cleaner the ways of production and consumption, reducing the necessary quantity of matter and energy, and obtaining with it to reduce the ecological fingerprint that we generate in the process.


By this way, the applications of the biotechnology allow us use the trustworthiest paladins to offset the effects of these changes and to improve our environment and our possibilities.


Get ready to discover…


… how the Biomedical Biotechnology fights against diseases that jet we haven´t eradicated



… the Agrifood Biotechnology is revolutionizing the ways of the crop and livestock production and consumption, and brings news approaches to the food industry…   



… the Industrial Biotechnology gives place to a technological renovation that increases the efficiency and the capacity of production of new materials, products and sources of energy, diminishing the pollution derived from these processes…



… the Bioinformatics biotechnology multiplies our capacity of analysis and determination of the reasons, and the real effects, of the complex phenomena that take place in the biological patterns, which we use them in all the levels of production, consumption and renovation of the society…



… … the Environmental Biotechnology offers to us the whole series of tools to offset the effects of the pollution that we generate and allows the integration of our activities in synergy with the environment and the natural cycles…




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«Life is a symbiotic and cooperative union that allows to triumph those who are associated.» Lynn Margulis, evolutive biologist and developer of the endosymbiotic theory.


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