Predictive medicine uses the genetic counselling to measure the likelihood of illnesses that can be suffer and how to prevent them
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Predictive medicine uses the genetic counselling to measure the likelihood of illnesses that can be suffer and how to prevent them

Medmesafe is a digital platform dedicated to the analysis and genetic counseling. In fact, this is the first online platform of predictive and personalized medicine to offer this type of service, with which you can meet your genetic predisposition to develop different types of diseases. 

That a person knows the state of their genes allows her to take all possible measures to prevent these alterations and improve the care of her body, enhancing the quality of life. This is the goal of these new consulting services and genetic analysis. 

This startup of eHEALTH, health care sector supported by information and communication technologies, has more than 100 physicians available to the user and has been selected among the 100 finalists who will participate in the South Summit 2018, the Leading Global Platform in innovation that connects the main innovators of the Southern Europe and Latin America with investors and most powerful companies in the world.

The company is supported by a Scientific Committee and Ethics, composed of internationally recognized experts in the basic sciences and medicine. In addition, it is supported by ASEBIO (Spanish Association of Biocompanies) and the foundation of the Scientific Park of Madrid, and is accredited by the General Council of Colleges of Physicians of Spain.

One of the most famous news about the use of genetic studies to prevent serious illnesses such as cancer, is that of Angelina Jolie. The actress underwent an operation to remove the breast (mastectomy) because there was a risk of 87% of developing breast cancer and a 50% for ovarian cancer, due to the presence of mutations in the BRCA1 gene. In fact, his mother died at the age of 56 years due to breast cancer.

This is one of the examples of the importance of requiring genetic counselling. Certain types of cancer develop due to a gene mutation, which can be inherited. Angelina asked for genetic counselling to check if possessed this mutation and carried out preventive measures that were necessary.


Among the services offered by Medmesafe can be found:

Performing a videcall of genetic counseling with a clinician. The user can answer all him questions about genetics, while the professional collects his personal and family history. In addition, the professional will explain which genetic analyzes are the most appropriate taking into account their background, in case it is advisable to confirm the genetic profile of the user.


Genetic analyzes with medical advice. Once checked if them have a family history and/or personal illness, them can register directly on the platform to get the proper analysis within the areas of oncology, cardiology, neurology, rheumatology and Nutrition intolerances.

After them register and after that a physician may prescribe a genetic service, the user receives a sample kit that, once obtained, picks up a messenger. After being received the sample on the part of the laboratories, the analysis is performed in this and is writen a report of results, which will be uploaded to the platform and will be explained in total privacy on the part of the professional through a videocall.


Today we interviewed the CEO of Destoumieux Medmesafe, Clement, to give us a more personal vision of this service and in order to know the virtues and benefits that offer users the genetic counselling.



Hello Clement, welcome to Inspires Biotech.



Thank you for inviting me to present medmesafe and congratulations on your initiative with Inspires Biotech. We value the work of popularization in our networks: youtube, Twitter, Facebook…etc, and how many more actors promoting scientific and technological progress in the service of medicine better.



We were surprised by the initiative of medmesafe to offer genetic counselling for free, What can you tell us about you and your genetic counselling services?



We understand that the predictive and personalized medicine is an issue still little known. When speaking of genetics, people think in the case of Angelina Jolie without knowing what it is. They do so with a vision quite radical.

It is important to explain the benefits of predictive medicine, to know your genetics and then knowing yourself allows you to take better care of yourselves.

In medmesafe we want to show how the study of genes of each person allows them to prevent disease and improve their quality of life. 

Scientific advances are not to scare but to be useful for people.

Then what better way to find out it than to talk to an expert in genetics through a videocall of genetic counseling?


We sense that offering this service free of charge you seek to raise awareness to pleople of the importance of knowing their own genes, and with it their own health, and at the same time that people check by herself the benefits of these services. So, How is born this idea and what do yoy pretend to get making it accessible to the entire population?



Medmesafe is one of the 10  selected health startups, between 3,000 projects, to participate in the biggest event of development of Startups in southern Europe, the South Summit to be held in Madrid from 3 to 5 October 2018. To celebrate, we have decided to offer the videoconsulta free advice of 1 to 11 October.



How do we access to your services?



To access the service you only need to register and make appointment online with one of our experts.




Which are the benefits for the person requesting genetic counseling?



Genetic counseling allows an expert to study your personal and family history, answer all your doubts about the genetic aspects in your family, expand the information received from the genetic analysis that you have made, and if it is advisable, the expert will recommend you more specific analysis to check the predisposition and probability to develop some particular disease.



What kind of people you recommend to request genetic counseling?



Genetic counseling is recommended especially for people with a family history (parents, siblings, uncles… ), or descendants (children) who have suffered or are suffering from a hereditary disease (hereditary cancer, heart disease, neuropathy, etc) and/or genetic syndromes (chromosomal abnormalities, congenital malformations).



Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn more about Medmesafeand genetic counseling, we hope to have you back in Inspired to tell us more about future projects.



Thnanks you for the invitation, it will be a pleasure for me to return soon to Inspira with news.



Knowing that there are these platforms with the necessary tools to analyze and determine the predisposition of each individual to suffer from certain types of diseases, What do you think about its use? Do you think you’d want to know all that information? If there are treatments and preventive habits of life, don’t you think that adopting them you can improve your quality of life and ensure your future?

This type of advances raise vital issues of great importance, and it depends on our confidence and awareness of the benefits of preventive medicine, healthy lifestyle habits and good nutrition, that the information we obtain about our body will be in accordance with the tools to ensure its proper performance.


We are interested to know what do you think of all this? Leave a comment, share your way of thinking for others to broaden their horizons!   


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