The Amazon for scientists: the outsourced research marketplace where «the only limit is your imagination».
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The Amazon for scientists: the outsourced research marketplace where «the only limit is your imagination».

Founded in 2007 by Kevin Lustig, Christopher Petersen and Andrew Martin, has become one of the world’s leading marketplaces for outsourced research.

In this online marketplace researchers can find more than 3,500+ research tools and services, connect with more than 17,500+ global research suppliers and get access to most of the later cutting-edge technologies like the genetic engineering tools CRISPR-cas or Human Biological Samples from many tissues and organs.

Due to the revolution that implies accelerate the access to research sources and supliers their visión is bringing to reality the creation of a world in which scientists are «limited only by their imagination».


Benefits of an online marketplace for outsourced research

These marketplaces simplifies the entire research sourcing process, saving time and money and providing access to the latest innovative tools and technologies while maintaining full compliance with an organization’s procurement policies.

In concern to, it operates private enterprise marketplaces for most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, VWR and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“We are all driven by our mission to reduce barriers to scientific innovation and dramatically improve the efficiency of drug research and development.”  said Kevin Lustig, PhD, CEO and President of

«San Diego needs more companies like that intersect the city’s rich R&D and software infrastructure. This is the next wave of life science and biotechnology,” said Ashok Kamal, Executive Director of Southern California’s largest venture group, Tech Coast Angels. “It’s exciting to see thrive and, hopefully, one day contribute at a level similar to other local titans, such as Illumina and Qualcomm.»


The three shafts which accelerate the investigation and the drug Discovery and development of your research institute or your company

The three shafts that control the success of your goals are: find reliable and quality suppliers, access to research tools and cuting hedge research tools and expert coments, and find finally regulated research services.


Shaft for Suppliers

This tipe of online marketplaces can let you to connect to the world’s largest pharma companies and the long tail of biotech and academic customers, allowing you to find new customers reaching top global pharmaceutical companies, connecting with hundreds of biotechs online, and being able to get access to all of these possibilities from your laptop, tablet or mobile device, without the need to move from your lab or your home :p .

In addition online marketplaces can allow you to sell more services online, market your entire portfolio, build and strengthen relationships, gain insight into competitor pricing, create online notes, quotes and POs.

An if you would like to boost your reputation and differenciate your brand, you can use ratings to demonstrate superiority, showcase your latest offerings and join the global online community.

Minimize overhead and reduce operational costs are some of the main goals to get success. In order to achieve them the use of this online services allow you to reduce legal, finance and marketing costs, to cost-effectively manage the user long tail and to set automated rules for user engagement.


Shaft for researchers

Find the research innovation at your fingertips. Oursourced research  marketplaces could help translate your ideas into breakthrough results.

Use it to save time, reduce costs and access the latest tools from academic labs and industry-leading CROs.

Also in the life and workflow of Research Institutes and researchers it is important to find ways to simplified sourcing. Through this marketplaces you can order without legal negociation, purchase on-demand, connect with thousands of research supliers and get assistance from research sourcing experts. In adition you can use suppliers ratings to make better decisions, reduce time to purchase by weeks and use multiple quotes to get the best Price.

“The lab is always open” by this platform.


Shaft of sercices for research and development on demand

The companie has developed a  global process for the sourcing of regulated research services, such as the acquisition of human biological samples (HBS), secondary real-world evidence (RWE) and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), among others.

It is called COMPLI™ and was created in partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies and suppliers.

With this platform you can introduce your research to an appropriate due diligence process and service specific supply agreement supporting access to relevant regulated services. Now, researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and academia can more easily connect with providers of regulated services in a manner compliant with their internal policies and procedures.

COMPLI™ is already having significant impact on regulated services on human biospecimens, such as: organs, tissues and genetic material, are increasingly being used in drug research, but until now there has been no common process supporting their acquisition. The new COMPLI™ process helps researchers and suppliers adhere to internal and external (often legislative) procurement policies. It also ensures that appropriate donor consents have been obtained, tracked and communicated throughout the supply chain.


The prove of the business success of a scientific online marketplace 

The past 25 of july the company announced that it ranked second on the San Diego Business Journal’s 2018 list of the 100 fastest-growing companies in San Diego. The list is based on revenue growth over a 3-year period.

Since its founding has raised more than $33 million from Leerink Transformation Partners, 5AM Ventures, Heritage Provider Network, Bootstrap Ventures and Hollywood producer Jack Giarraputo among others.

“Our continued success and exceptional growth are due to the talent, determination and hard work of every employee,” said Kevin Lustig, PhD, CEO and President of “We are all driven by our mission to reduce barriers to scientific innovation and dramatically improve the efficiency of drug research and development.”


We leave you with the following video where it is explained how they acquired the second place among the 100 fastest growing companies in San Diego. ¡It is a good example to follow!

The platform is transforming how life science research is done. BE PART OF THE VIRTUAL REVOLUTION”.


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