Recent advances in personalized medicine: OncoDNA and MD Anderson join forces in the genomic diagnosis of cancer.
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Recent advances in personalized medicine: OncoDNA and MD Anderson join forces in the genomic diagnosis of cancer.

The Belgian company OncoDNA with headquarters in Spain, specialized in medicine of precision and in cancer diagnosis and treatment, has just signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish center of reference at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, which is a subsidiary of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (USA), one of the most prestigious centers for diagnosis, treatment, and cancer research  in the world.

The agreement has been signed by Adriana Terrádez,  OncoDNA-BioSequence director for Spain and Portugal, and Nuria González, managing director of MD Anderson Madrid. Through this partnership, oncologists of this center may use the entire portfolio of the genomic studies of OncoDNA to improve diagnosis of patients.

«Through the agreement we expanded our catalog of custom tools for diagnosis and follow-up of our patients. Using these test is easier to find a successful treatment and improve the prospects for success in the face of illness», has assured Enrique Grande, chief of Medical Oncology at MD Anderson in Madrid. He has also sought to highlight the benefits that will generate these new services on his patients: «These studies are a key element in the oncology of precision, with them we will be able to find a treatment target for each person and avoid the toxicity that can generate a wrong therapy».

From her part, Adriana Terrádez, responsible for OncoDNA in Spain, remarked on the importance of the agreement, «we have closed an agreement with one of the most prestigious centers of the world in the field of cancer and in which we hope to be able to work regularly over the next few years not only when performing genomic studies, but also in the field of research in order to achieve more effective methods and less invasive in the fight against cancer».

The figure of Adriana Terrádez is an example in the biotechnology sector. This valencian biotechnologist  founded in 2012 a pioneer company in genomic studies in cancer, called BioSequence, which became the Spanish subsidiary of the Belgian company OncoDNA in 2016. BioSequence uses the latest technologies in Massive Sequencing (NGS) and data integration by means of powerful bioinformatics programs. The combination of these innovations has allowed them to change the strategy for the treatment of 67% of patients who have analyzed until today, representing a company leader in personalized medicine, adapting therapies to the molecular profiles of each patient, obtaining better therapeutic results.    


OncoDNA It is a Belgian company provider of technologies of specialized medical care in oncology, with more than 60 years of history. Their services are based on a combination of  advanced diagnostic tests, which integrate all biomarkers of cancer clinically relevant at the level of DNA, RNA and proteins, using techniques of solid and liquid biopsy, contrasting all the results obtendios with a patented Intelligent database: OncoKDMTM . This AI (Artificial Intelligence) «learns automatically» and continuously all diagnostic and therapeutic advances validated from a clinical  and scientist point of view. In this way this service of analysis and interpretation of «unique window» offers oncologists results that can help them find a therapeutic target adapted to the profile of each one of their patients. 

OncoDNA also works in collaboration with the biopharmaceutical industry to develop and administer the treatments of tomorrow, providing support in the work of design, inclusion and evaluation of clinical trials related to precision targeted treatments, as well as improving access to those already approved. The company is headquartered in Gosselies, Belgium, and has a team of 60 highly qualified professionals in 4 countries.


MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (Texas, USA). With more than 18 years of history in Spain, at the present time, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid offers modern facilities, more than 150 medical specialists trained in oncology, a total of 87 hospital beds and a technological equipment of last generation for the diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer.

This important infrastructure, coupled with continued close collaboration with the MD Anderson center of Houston in research activities, as well as diagnostic and treatment protocols with the participation of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, located at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid as one of the hospital centers more pointers of Europe in the treatment of cancer.


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